Easy access to locate assets or equipment

Focusing on

Large companies with their own facilities. Spend less time managing a security system and more time focusing on what matters.

The benefits

Saving time and money by keeping track of equipment and tools.

The solution

Use Combain’s Location-API to get the geographical location of your cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled assets.

Increase the Efficiency of Logistics

Seamless Outdoor / Indoor  with Combain´s Positioning Solution

Smart Ports

Railway cars, trailers, containers: tracking valuable assets, tools, and equipment for the purpose of improving productivity and optimize operations is a challenge. Get started with Combain´s geolocation services and remain connected to your assets and goods, whether they are in pallets, bins, or containers.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

When an item is moving around between some limited number of fixed places, you want to know where it is.  Our positioning solution can provide seamlessly outdoor/indoor positioning on your premisses.

  • Create visibility over daily operations
  • Decrease work in progress time
  • Reduce downtime during transportation
Employee Safety

Improve employee safety by locating your employees in case of an emergency. Floor and room accuracy will help to send assistance immediately to the correct place.

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Our Products

Combain Location API  

Combain Location API helps you locate wireless connected devices. By submitting the radio signals in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the most likely geographical coordinates for that device.
Combain Location API = GPS but with lower cost, lower power, and also works indoor! Ideal for connected IoT and M2M devices

Combain On-Prem Location Server 

Combain On-Prem Location Server is server software you install in your own premises. The software will expose an API that will help you to locate wireless connected devices. By submitting cell-ids or Wi-Fi MAC addresses in the proximity of a device to this API, it will respond with the geographical coordinates for that device.

Indoor Positioning Services

Accurate indoor 3D location in buildings

Fast and easy to deploy since it uses existing WiFi and Bluetooth devices and algorithms to detect changes in the facility. After a building survey and modelling with Combain Indoor 3D tools Traxmate provides floor level and room level accuracy.